Fred Pointer

portrait_fred_pointerThis exhibition “Figure Works”, provided me with the opportunity to explore the production of works.
My method is essentially that of discovery, not working from sketches, drawings or studies. Pieces were begun without a preconceived image, but rather an interest in the exploration of materials, processes, knowledge and abilities.

Tapping the subconscious, delving into the unknown, working through the mystery of art production…. What happens if? ……When this mark, this colour, a texture, line or material is introduced? The result is as fresh and new an experience to the artist as it is to the viewer.

Born and raised in Galt, Ontario (now Cambridge) I developed an early interest in visual arts. Sketching and drawing were natural forms of expression. After high school I continued my art studies at night school working with artists Pat Yerex, Lee Taggert and printmaking with Hubert Haisoch.

After some years employed in a variety of careers I enrolled at the University of Guelph, achieving an Honors Degree in Fine Arts. I am, currently employed as the Visual Arts teacher at Timmins High and Vocational School, Timmins Ontario. I have exhibited over the years in juried shows, group exhibitions and an independent show at the Start Gallery in Kitchener, Ontario

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